Council Elections May 2018

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cleaner air safer cycling pastics reduction

At the council elections on 3rd May 2018 Wandsworth Green Party is standing a record 30 candidates across the borough with at least one in every ward.  Find out more about who they are below this complete candidate list. 

Complete Candidate List by Ward

BALHAM - Dan Rad

Dan RadleyDan has lived in the Balham ward for over a decade. He is a marketer and organises local live music events for charity in his spare time. Dan would like to challenge Wandsworth council on their recycling policy as the ward has seen a decline of public facilities in recent years and there is a lack of resources available to residents who live in private blocks.


BEDFORD  - Roy Vickery 


Roy VickeryRoy has been a member of the Green Party, and stood as an election candidate in Wandsworth for more than 40 years.  He is a botanist and writer who devotes much time to encouraging others to share his enthusiasm for the natural world.  His current interests include reducing light pollution, building strong local communities, and the provision of an efficient National Health Service for all.  More long term interests include greater provision of facilities for young people, lifestyles, decentralisation, the provision of more public conveniences, and encouraging active lifestyles.


EAST PUTNEY - Jonathan Croall

Jonathan Croall

I am a journalist, editor, theatre historian and biographer. My work has included books on sustainable tourism, and the child-migrant scandal. The father of two children, I have lived in East Putney for 16 years. I have been active in the Wandsworth Green Party, in campaigns to improve the quality of life in Putney: opposing inappropriate developments in the high street, tackling air pollution near our schools, protesting against Heathrow expansion, and much else. As a councillor I would work to provide an alternative voice to the dominance of those of the two main parties.


FAIRFIELD - David Carlyon


David Carlyon

David works as a sustainability consultant in South London, helping companies, housing associations and NHS Trusts to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impacts. Key ambitions as a councillor for Fairfield inlcude: improving local air quality and conditions for cyclists, increasing Wandsworth's recycling rates and safeguarding green spaces. David has a Master's degree in International Environmental Law, with a specialist focus on nature conservation and rewilding.


LATCHMERE - Sheaian Lee

Sheaian Lee

I have lived on the Winstanley estate for 5 years and seen many changes, which affect our community and homes. As a passionate protector of the environment and people in both my personal and professional lives, I'm pleased to be standing in this ward for the Green Party to represent those that also care about issues that affect our local area. 


NIGHTINGALE - Patrick Ellen


Patrick Ellen

I am an internal migrant to Tooting, having moved here from Nottingham a few years ago. However, my family lived in Wandsworth for generations before moving out of London because they didn’t believe it was a safe nor healthy place to raise a family. And this is exactly why I’m standing as a Green Party candidate - to ensure this city can be a place that is fit for living, raising families and better for each progressive generation. As a local primary school governor, I’m also highly passionate about inclusive education that improves social mobility.


NORTHCOTE - Caroline Austin

Caroline Austin

Caroline has lived in Battersea for nearly 30 years, been a Green Party member since 1985 and worked as a photojournalist, also covering environmental issues. She hopes we'll be carbon neutral by 2030 for the sake of the planet and our grandchildren.


QUEENSTOWN - Stella Baker

Stella Baker

I'm a resident of the Savona Estate since 2006 with a background in the performing arts, social exclusion and charity work, and am a very experienced activist on different issues such as anti-racism, anti-poverty, equal rights and environmental and humanitarian issues. Known to many people in the area, I'm standing up for the many good people in this community and because there are greener, better alternatives to trickledown economics, austerity and the politics of social division.


Joe Stuart

I have dedicated 27 years to voluntary service in my local community, serving on committees of the Family Centre, the Doddington Business Centre, the North & South Leaseholders’ Association and our local residents’ association.   I’m also a hard working member of the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital Trust.


ROEHAMPTON - Fergal McEntee


Fergal McEnteeAfter moving to Wandsworth in 2015 I was shocked by the air pollution, air traffic noise and poor recycling methods and decided to join the Green party and do something about it.  I have worked for six London councils bringing derelict buildings back into use for social housing. In recent years, I completed a Master’s in renewable energy and have worked on EU sustainability projects. With my professional technical background, understanding of the internal running of councils, of housing issues, in-depth knowledge of sustainability and belief in the need for a cleaner environment, I hope to make a positive difference for the people of Wandsworth. 




James Frew

James grew up in South West London, and relocated to Battersea after graduating from University. He works as a freelance technology journalist, writing primarily about digital security, online rights, and privacy. A member of the Green Party since 2014, he is passionate about ethical consumerism, disability rights, and environmentalism. 



ST MARY'S PARK - Lois Davis


Lois DavisLois has lived in Battersea for over 20 years and after a career in documentary film editing and lecturing on that subject she now teaches English to Speakers of Other Languages in the community education sector.  She has been active in Battersea through involvement in campaigns like saving Battersea Park Adventure Playground, opposing Formula- E in the park and supporting the implementation of 20mph speed limits across the borough.  Her key goal is holding our council to account, especially on the provision of GENUINELY affordable housing, and proper consultation with our communities.




Di McCannI have lived in Thamesfield for 35 years and raised my three children here. I have long been an active member of our strong, friendly community, particularly through managing our small communal garden, but also volunteering at a local food bank. Realising that my individual actions to protect our environment were far from enough I joined the Green Party, and am now putting my beliefs into action. I’m standing because I love this area and want to see change for the better, for everyone.




Ann Pasola I have lived in Wandsworth since 1990 and have worked in local schools since 2009, including All Saints and Hotham in Putney. As a qualified child and adolescent mental-health worker, based in schools, I believe passionately that people’s wellbeing is rooted in good connections to families, local communities, local services and the local environment. As your councillor I will work hard to build and protect Putney’s community, culture, diversity, and green open spaces.



THAMESFIELD - Richard Carter

Richard CarterI spent most of my career in London, working for the Department of Health. Since retirement I have worked in the field of child welfare in several countries. I have lived in Thamesfield since 1971, where we brought up our two daughters. I joined the Green Party mainly because, as a passionate cyclist, I was concerned about pollution, particularly from motor traffic; I wanted to push for radical action to reduce car use and reclaim our streets, so improving provision for walking and cycling.


WEST Hill - Terence Brown


Terry BrownTerence (Terry) has lived in Wandsworth for 25 years. He participates in a number of local voluntary groups. A chartered architect in semi-retirement, his interest is in low energy/low resource use buildings lead to an ecological view of the human and more than human worlds. If elected to Council, he would work hard to ensure the Green manifesto influences all areas of Council activity from affordable and sustainable housing, through effective services for the wellbeing of all, to protection of public open spaces, improved air quality, healthy streets and sustaining nature and a green infrastructure throughout the Borough.  


WEST PUTNEY - Chris Poole

Chris PooleChris Poole has lived in the Dover House area of West Putney since 2011, getting involved in traffic campaigns, the Pleasance play area group, orchard planting and wildlife conservation on the estate. The main campaign issues of the Green Party candidates in West Putney will be real action on cutting car traffic on residential streets, enforcing speeding restrictions, consulting residents on parking restrictions, supporting the Roehampton Playing Fields Community Trust, and opposing Heathrow expansion






Genuinely Affordable Housing

  • Ensuring regeneration projects work for people not just developers.
  • Building new council and social housing – not just luxury flats.   
  • Regulation of private landlords to protect tenants from unaffordable rent increases and poor housing conditions.
  • Supporting residents in having their say on issues affecting their homes including a full ballot of residents on all estate regeneration proposals.

Protecting Green Spaces

  • Ensuring free access to parks and green spaces and opposing ‘pay to play’ schemes. 
  • Transparent and full consultation on change-of-use for public spaces.

Safer and Healthier Streets

  • Reducing traffic to cut pollution.
  • Town planning to make our streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians and to ensure adequate access to light and open skies in residential areas.
  • Borough wide and high quality recycling facilities, including provision on all private blocks; plastics reduction via free water refill schemes, fountains and wide adoption of deposit return schemes.

Decent Public Services

  • Opposing the Government's austerity cuts and working with local community groups to protect our schools, health and youth services and provide proper care for the elderly.

A Fairer Society 

  • Tough action on racism and discrimination, a living wage paid by all Wandsworth  employers, rigorous equalities impact assessment on all council projects.  Better access to and support for citizen participation, proper consultation on local issues.