Greens stand down in Richmond for the Common Good

4 November 2016

The Green Party have decided not to stand in the Richmond Park by election and are instead backing a progressive alliance against the regressive alliance around Zac Goldsmith. The decision from the Greens comes after a group of top Labour MPs urged their party not to stand to give the best chance of beating Goldsmith. 

The Green Party's democratic structure means that all decisions about whether to stand are made by local parties. The final decision for Richmond Park was made on 3rd November at a meeting of Kingston Green Party. The Green Party insists that they will still be campaigning in the by-election, and will distribute literature across the constituency explaining their decision and their intention to stand for local elections in 2018. 


In a statement after their meeting, Kingston Green Party said: 

"Kingston Green Party continues to support the goal of a Progressive Alliance in 2020 to defeat the Conservatives and bring about a fairer voting system. We trust that the gesture of standing down in order to defeat Zac Goldsmith will build confidence in the possibility of a Progressive Alliance.


Richard Bennett, Chair of Richmond & Twickenham Green Party, says: “Desperate times call for bold measures and I am very pleased that we have reached this decision in the national interest.


“We hope this approach breaks the mould of old adversarial politics and sets us on the way to a better democracy – as people from all parties have been calling for – with a more representative Parliament and Government.

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