Wandsworth Talks Progressive Alliance

27 January 2017

Wandsworth Green Party Meeting 10 Jan 2017Wandsworth Greens Talk Progressive

National Green Party Co-leader Jonathan Bartley was our guest speaker at January’s local party meeting, and was invited to tell us about ideas around Progressive Alliances and what they may look like.  Jonathan outlined how the idea had started with Natalie Bennett as a way to build links with those working towards electoral reform and was a response to the urgent need to change the voting system and therefore change the UK’s political landscape.  A number of interesting models for and past examples of alliances were outlined and the point was emphasised that any alliance put in place would be a one-time only event at the next General Election with decisions around whether and how to form such alliances very much up to local parties and depending on local circumstances. 


We have quite a history of progressive alliances here in Wandsworth where, in the 1900s, our famous local trade unionist and Battersea MP John Burns worked with others to put together a Progressive Alliance among trade unionists,  socialists, liberals and radicals.


There was a lively discussion around modern day ideas for progressive alliance and also news from Sussex where a cross party/no-party-at-all Progressive Alliance has already been set up.


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