Time to Make Votes Matter

29 June 2017

Make Votes Matter 24th June 2017Following the chaos of the 2017 General Election, Wandsworth Greens were at Parliament Square on 24th June calling for electoral reform with campaign group Make Votes Matter.
Greens everywhere are deeply disturbed by the fact that the anti-gay, anti abortion and climate change dening DUP won 10 seats on just 292,316 votes while the Greens won 1 seat on nearly twice that number, 525,371 votes.
Our First Past the Post voting system has delivered such a precarious and unrepresentative government that there is talk of another election.  But another election using our unrepresentative voting system will only return another un-democratic and destabilising result.  It's time to redouble our efforts to bring about electoral reform.  Please write to your MP now - especially if they are Labour as they will need a fair voting system as much of the rest of us if their new social justice agenda is ever to come to fruition.  You will find a template for your letter here.

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