Wandsworth Greens Stand A Record 30 Candidates For 2018 Local Elections

13 April 2018

Wandsworth Green Party is running its strongest-ever campaign for Wandsworth Borough Council elections on 3rd May 2018. We will be fielding at least one candidate in every ward so that every Wandsworth voter will have a Green option. Di McCann, lead candidate in Thamesfield ward, Putney says:


“Green councillors in Wandsworth will stand up for our community. One more Labour or Tory councillor in Wandsworth won’t make a difference, but just one Green could change everything.” 

Over the next few weeks our candidates will be speaking on behalf of the Green Party at a series of hustings events where members of the public pose questions to all their potential representatives. See who is speaking when here.  And of course – don’t forget to vote on May 3rd.  If you will be away at the time, postal votes can be applied for here up to 18th April and remember - EU citizens can vote in council elections.

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