Greens March Against President Trump

15 July 2018

Wandsworth Greens joined a lively contingent for the #StopTrump march on Friday including co-leaders Jonathan Bartley & Caroline Lucas, deputy leader Amelia Womack, our brilliant economist and Stop Brexit warrior MEP Molly Scott-Cato and Sheffield’s Green Mayor ‘MagicMagid’.   We think it’s worth listing them here since the Guardian chose only to mention the presence of Jeremy Corbyn and the Women’s Equality Party in their coverage while the BBC focused mainly on Trump himself with too many pictures of his patronising approach to Theresa and Liz.  No mention yet of how much tax-payers have spent on security for the unwanted visit.  There was a carnival atmosphere as we shuffled (too many people there to actually march) through the streets – the Green bloc was lucky enough to be next a huge brass band so a fair amount of dancing and singing and lots of sharing of sun-block in the blistering heat.  It was lovely to see so many imaginative and inspiring homemade placards and banners showing how much people care about the plight of refugees and the children Trump is wrenching from their parents, the threat Trumpism poses to the planet (my favourite was a pic  of Trump labelled ‘Fossil Fool’ ),  the dangers of the rise of fascism and of course our opposition to the sleazy misogyny this ghastly man represents.Greens gather for the Stop Trump march.

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