Esther Obiri-Darko - our 2015 general election candidate for Tooting and Green Party Spokesperson for Science and Technology.

More than trebled the Green Party's vote compared to 2010, coming third ahead of the Liberal Democrats and UKIP

Esther Obiri-DarkoI have lived in the Tooting area on and off since 2005 and care deeply about the community. I am a secondary school Chemistry teacher and  became a Green Party member 4 years ago.

I am passionate about young people and their role and importance in our communities and am concerned about the diminishing services for them.  My other interest lie in the welfare and rights of women. My membership with UN Women UK and WWAFE (Women Worldwide Advancing Freedom and Equality) has allowed me to work alongside organisations and learn about the many issues and challenges that face women and girls here in the  UK and internationally.

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Chris Poole - our 2015 general election candidate for Putney

Got almost 5 per cent of the vote, coming fourth ahead of UKIP and just behind the Liberal Democrats

I have been a Green Party member since 2010 and have played an active role in the Wandsworth Greens during this time, including a year as coordinator. I have professional experience as a secondary school teacher and as a public sector auditor. I also volunteer as a trustee of the Wandsworth Citizen's Advice Bureaux.

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Joe Stuart - our 2015 general election candidate for Battersea

Trebled the Green Party's vote compared to 2010, coming fourth ahead of UKIP and just behind the Liberal Democrats

Joe Stuart

I have dedicated 27 years to voluntary service in my local community; as chair and committee member of the Family Centre, Vice Chair of the Doddington Business Centre, Chair of the North & South Leaseholders’ Association, a member of the residents’ association and as a hard working member of the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital Trust.  

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Liam Morgan - our candidate for the Earlsfield By-Election 7th May 2015

In a by-election held on the same day as the 2015 General Election, Liam came third, beating both the Liberal Democrats and UKIP

Liam MorganLiam has been living in Earlsfield for over a year as a live-in property guardian within a social housing area marked for private re-development.  He currently works for a humanitarian aid organisation in London having returned to the UK following 7 years in the Middle East and North Africa, travelling, teaching and working for a British charity.  His experiences abroad ultimately led him to join the Green Party in the UK who he believes are the only party that is serious about putting people and the planet before profit. He is keen to learn, understand and reflect the needs of people living in Earlsfield, especially those most negatively affected by government policy.  


Di McCann - Co-ordinator


Diana McCannI joined the Green Party during the Mayoral Election campaign, having become an active supporter of Wandsworth Greens late in 2015. Close involvement in the Tooting constituency by-election campaign in June gave me the confidence to take on the role of Coordinator. I have always tried to live with minimal impact on the environment but I could see that my individual small actions were not enough to address the increasing environmental, economic and social issues facing us all.  I realised that really changing things required something more.




James Couper - Membership Secretary

James Couper

Born in London and settled in Wandsworth six years ago after time spent studying in Dublin and Cardiff.  I have worked in London’s theatres for over ten years, serving on my Trade Union’s regional negotiating committee for over six years during which time I was involved in three different collective pay settlements. Have volunteered home and abroad, from 2012 Olympics to eco-tourism and marine conservation in South Africa and am unafraid to work in order to advance causes I believe in.



Lois Davis - Treasurer

Loi Davis

Lois took over the treasur's role in November 2015 and stood in the council elections for St Mary's Park ward.  She teaches Eglish for speakers of other languages and in her spare time makes videos for groups campaigning around issues such as the bedroom tax, saving the NHS, and opposing the arms trade.  See the videos here
















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