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Manifesto 2022: The Real Green Deal

Wandsworth Green party manifesto 2022


This is the first time that the Wandsworth Green Party has complied a local manifesto which we hope addresses the local issues of our time.

We have a bold and radical approach which puts the needs of local people to the front.

For too long developers have been running riot through Wandsworth and we aim to reform planning so that local people do not feel that planning is done TO them rather than FOR them.

To address the cost of living crisis, what better way than paying people properly? We support an accredited real living wage, not just for the council but all its outsourced offshoots.

In our recent surveys the number one issue was traffic. Therefore we propose a traffic and air pollution Citizen’s Assembly to see how fairly we can reduce traffic, we don’t want to set road against road, we need better solutions where every voice is heard every angle examined.

Climate change means this needs is urgent. 12,300 of you demanded climate action, we take you at your word and in doing so we hope to make the quality of life better, with your help, consulting all the way. With temperatures projected to reach 43°C in London in just a few years we cannot afford to waste more time.

We propose local infrastructure such as the new Earlsfield Square, bringing life and fun and a new market, in line with the local plan.

We are proud of our vision, we think it brings a scent of something new and exciting, not just the same old same old.

We need new vision for new times we hope this manifesto gives an idea of how life could be better, get in contact, join us to make the vision real!

We hope you agree, if you do, the only way you will get this is by voting for it on May 5th, enough of the tired old ways!


Wandsworth Green Manifesto 2022

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